I have been engaged with technology my entire life. When I was little, I marvelled at every device I could get my hands on and would spend hours tinkering and exploring. During the Great Recession I studied economics at university and paid my way by helping others to solve their technology problems. In the spring of 2016 I left the helpdesk behind. I had one goal in mind: Teach myself how to code.

For half a year I delivered mail by day and tackled tutorials by night. During this time I built my first website, discovered a love of Python and became extremely familiar with the art of trial & error. Seizing this momentum, I liquidated my bitcoin in order to focus on learning full time. Half a year later I was employed as a front-end developer at a startup and have since amassed over 2 years of full-stack experience working for Perficient Inc. as a technical consultant. All the while I've continued learning, and I remain excited to discover what I'll learn next.

My professional endeavors have exposed me to various practical usages of Python, Java, PHP, javascript and many other languages. My self-directed study has, as of late, been focused on data structures and algorithms in a bid to fill gaps in my knowledge left by a lack of formal computer science education. You can get a feel for both by visiting the Resume and CLRS sections of this site respectively. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy learning more abount my journey!